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Solving for Payment Authorization Failures: How North American Merchants Can Recoup Lost Revenue

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Payment authorization failures are something that merchants can no longer neglect, with the Covid-19 pandemic having accelerated US consumers’ shift to e-commerce and use of credit card payments for online purchases. We analyze the findings of a June 2021 Coresight Research survey of North American retailers with significant US sales volumes to provide insights into the following:

  • The lost revenue opportunity and negative impacts of authorization failures
  • How merchants perceive payment authorization failures
  • What merchants are doing to solve for authorization failures
  • How merchants can optimize and improve the process moving forward—and so recoup lost revenue

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Why It Matters

Solving for Payment Authorization Failures: In Detail

The Payment Authorization Process and Reasons for Failures

The Current State of Payment Authorization Failures: Four Key Insights

The Path Forward: How Merchants Can Better Handle Payment Authorization Failures

What We Think

Survey Methodology


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