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Robotics and Retail: New Implementations in Logistics, Delivery and Security

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What's Inside

We discuss recent developments in the world of robotics for retail.

This report comprises insights across four key areas:

1. An overview of robotics in retail

  • The primary benefits of robotics,
  • Applications and leading players across warehouse management, retail stores and delivery
  • Funding activities in robotics
  • The size of the logistics robotics market
  • Selected insights from Silicon Valley Robotics on the current state of the robotics market

2. Robotics in warehouse management

  • How retailers are expanding their robotics capabilities—Kroger’s partnership with Ocado, and Gap Inc.’s deployment of Kindred systems
  • The use of collaborative robots to increase operational efficiency

3. Robotics in retail stores

  • Micro-fulfillment centers in grocery—Albertsons’ partnership with Takeoff Technologies
  • Stocking shelves—FamilyMart’s partnership with Telexistence

4. New commercial applications of robotics, driven by Covid-19—including health and safety, and security

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