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Renaissance of the US Shopping Center: An Analysis of American Dream, Columbus Circle, Hudson Yards and Tysons Corner Center

What's Inside

Earlier this year, members of the Coresight Research team visited four shopping destinations: two new malls, one new shopping center and one recently renovated shopping center. We will examine how these malls are operating through the lens of our proprietary BEST framework. Our insights cover the following:

  • How shopping centers and malls can use tenant selection to build an identity and cater to consumers
  • The word-of-mouth publicity experiential retail can build for shopping centers and malls
  • How unique services can set malls and centers apart from one another
  • The ways integrated technology can create a frictionless shopping experience

For more on Coresight Research’s proprietary BEST framework, read our report, BEST Framework—A New Era in Retail Excellence.

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