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Oracle Looks Forward to Revenue Acceleration from Autonomous Database, Second-Generation Cloud and Geographic Expansion

Coresight Research

Key Points

On September 19, 2018, Oracle held its annual financial analyst meeting, which took place in connection with its OpenWorld conference.

  • Oracle expects revenues to accelerate in a what it called a “killer year.” The company’s late arrival to the cloud services market enabled it to focus on security and performance.
  • The company is applying machine learning to its autonomous database, which enables it to automatically patch, upgrade and back itself up. Autonomous systems do not require human intervention, reducing entry points for hackers and increasing security.
  • Oracle also provided an update on its second-generation cloud architecture, which is being deployed in one new geography per month, approaching a target of 36 in 2002, with the same key applications available in all geographies.
  • The company also announced the integration of voice recognition and chat in its platforms, in addition to a new higher-performance Exadata database machine.

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