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Open for Business with Joel Anderson, Five Below: Staying Resilient and Adapting to the New Environment

What's Inside

Part of the Coresight Research Open for Business webinar series, we present the transcript from our conversation with Joel Anderson, President and CEO of Five Below, Inc, on July 15, 2020. As business leaders are managing their companies through the coronavirus crisis, we are working to stay engaged with, and facilitate an open dialogue for, companies of all sizes.

This webinar covered the following key topics:

  • Five Below’s approach to reopening stores post Covid-19
  • The biggest changes in customer behavior
  • The company’s strategy moving forward—including Five Beyond, self-checkout and holiday 2020
  • How Five Below serves the community

A Q&A session also prompted conversation around how e-commerce and physical retail have had to work together during the pandemic, as well as the importance of people, systems and infrastructure to Five Below staying resilient.

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