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On-Demand Services, Space Peace, AI and Cybersecurity in the Modern World: Takeaways from Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018, Part Two

Executive Summary

This week, the Coresight Research team attended the Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018 conference in Aspen, Colorado. Here, we share our takeaways from the second half of the conference.

  • DoorDash and TaskRabbit are thriving by using their on-demand service platforms to provide quick, affordable and widely available food delivery and household task services, respectively, to customers.
  • Cybersecurity and space peace are both essential to the security of companies and governments across the world. The private sector and governments must work together to ensure that infrastructure and assets in space and on Earth are safe from potential attacks.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is key to future developments in technology. From self-driving cars to the booking of hotels, AI will revolutionize not just the functionality of products and services, but also the way they are developed.
  • Because the world is constantly evolving, it is vital that the next generation of leaders be lifelong learners. To create a society that can adapt to changes as quickly as technology advances, leaders must continue to learn long after college.

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