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Not Your Regular Mall-Based Stores: Part Two—Reducing Retailers’ Last-Mile Delivery Expenses

What's Inside

This report is the second in a three-part series entitled Not Your Regular Mall-Based Stores, in which Coresight Research and Fillogic explore new strategies for retailers to fulfill online orders using their mall-based stores.

We discuss how retailers can save on last-mile delivery expenses by implementing such strategies. We leverage findings from a June 2021 Coresight Research survey of 150 executives at US mall-based retailers.

Read our first report in the series, which focuses on “ship from store” as a profitable online order-fulfillment opportunity.

Look out for our upcoming report in this series: Coresight Research and Fillogic will provide insights into how mall-based retailers can partner with third-party logistics service providers to address challenges in omnichannel fulfillment.

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Contents (Click to navigate)

Coresight Research x Fillogic: Not Your Regular Mall-Based Stores–Part Two

Reducing Retailers’ Last-Mile Delivery Expenses: In Detail

Retailers Recognize the Benefits of Fulfilling Online Orders from Mall-Based Stores

Last-Mile Delivery Costs Account for a Significant Share of Total Supply Chain Costs

Strategies for Managing Last-Mile Costs While Meeting Consumer Demand for Fast Delivery

What We Think

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