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Measuring the Value of Retail Data Sharing and Analytics

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What's Inside

We discuss the processes, opportunities and challenges in retailers and vendors sharing inventory and point-of-sale data. We highlight key findings from interviews with suppliers and vendors, as well as a Coresight Research survey of such companies.

This report includes insights into the following topics:

  • The importance of leveraging data for retailers—across buying, allocation and inventory levels
  • The role of data sharing and analytics
  • The impact of improved collaboration on retailers’ and vendors’ revenues
  • Additional benefits of data sharing between retailers and vendors
  • Disparities in data sharing and the three archetypes of data sharing
  • Reasons for limited sharing
  • Shifting to an external provider
  • Best practices for vendors in data sharing

We also present case studies of successful data sharing.

This report is sponsored by SPS Commerce, a leading global retail network whose offerings include analytics solutions for retailers and vendors.

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Download the free full report.