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Is the Future of Security Locked in Technology?: Insights Presented at NRF Protect 2023

What's Inside

Loss-prevention events are becoming more frequent, impacting retailers’ profitability and consumer attitudes to shopping in stores. How can retail companies use technologies to tackle security challenges?

On June 7, 2023, Coresight Research presented at NRF Protect on technologies for loss prevention.

In this presentation, we provide insights into the security technology landscape, including RFID tags, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), and prescriptive analytics. We also outline the benefits of generative AI in security applications.

Data in this report include:

  • Recent notable shrink/organized retail crime events and loss prevention/asset protection developments in retail
  • Coresight Research proprietary survey data on retail safety fears among US consumers

Companies mentioned in this report include: Apple, Lululemon, Nordstrom, Target, Walgreens

Other relevant research:

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