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Innovator Intelligence:–Bridging the Gap Between Online Marketplaces Through Unparalleled Matching Technology

Executive Summary

This report forms part of our Innovator Intelligence series, which focuses on emerging companies that are disrupting traditional retail and fueling innovation across the retail value chain.

Price Technologies (Price) is a startup that is using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to build what it describes as the most advanced matching technology in the world, with a vision to match anything with everything online. Price’s e-commerce application,, which is currently in beta mode, bridges the gaps among online marketplaces by providing shoppers with complete transparency.

  • Price is helping retailers build innovative product-matching solutions by licensing its technology to them.
  • helps consumers by identifying new, used, refurbished, unbranded and rental options for any item sold online. Shoppers can interact with via native app, browser extension, website or chatbot.
  • grants shoppers access to emerging alternative marketplaces such as re-commerce and rental portals, which are evolving rapidly and seeing significant growth as shoppers’ behavior and preferences shift and environmental sustainability becomes more of a concern.
  • Price’s strategic approach includes expanding its matching technology for applications in industries beyond e-commerce.

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