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Innovator Intelligence: Connecting the Retail Value Chain with Innovators that Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Executive Summary

Due to the rapidly shifting nature of retail, Coresight Research is providing new tools and services to deliver critical business intelligence. Our recently launched Innovator Intelligence platform highlights some of the most promising, forward-looking companies around the globe and provides actionable analysis to help our clients and members anticipate change, collaborate and profit from the rapid innovation in retail.

  • Mass store closures, soaring online sales and changing shopper expectations testify to the quickly shifting nature of retail. E-commerce and technology are advancing—and consumer behaviors and preferences are changing—faster than ever before.
  • Coresight Research’s Innovator Intelligence platform connects today’s most promising and innovative startup entrepreneurs with business leaders looking for acquisition, investment or partnership opportunities as well as with those who are just monitoring industry advancements.
  • In this report, we highlight 10 companies that we think are poised to disrupt retail and drive the future of the industry. These companies’ solutions are revolutionizing retail in one of three ways:
  • Creating new retail experiences.
  • Helping brands and retailers collect actionable business intelligence or providing them with personalized marketing tools.
  • Optimizing business functions in terms of inventory management, excess inventory, quality inspection or supply chain logistics.

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