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Hong Kong’s Grocery Market: Discount Chains Are Building Their Shares

What's Inside

Hong Kong, with its 7.5 million-strong population, has a very high daily demand for groceries and household necessities. This report reviews the Hong Kong grocery market, introducing the two biggest supermarket chains, Wellcome and ParknShop, as well as relatively new entrants 759 Store and Best Mart 360°.

We first published this report in November 2018; this is an update as of July 2021.

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What’s the Story?

Hong Kong Grocery Market: A Deep Dive

Hong Kong Grocer Market Overview

The Two Giants and Their Duopoly

759 Store Emerges To Compete with the Supermarket Giants

Best Mart 360° Joins To Heat Up the Competition

What We Think

Implications for Brands/Retailers

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