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Five Trends Shaping Apparel Sourcing

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What's Inside

The apparel sourcing industry is experiencing uncertainty due to unpredictable changes to tariffs and trade, the widespread coronavirus pandemic and fast-moving upgrades of technology in the supply chain. In this report, we outline five key apparel-sourcing trends and discuss how apparel retailers and brands can adapt to consumer expectations while controlling sourcing costs.

We discuss the following key topics:

  • Apparel retailers moving sourcing away from China—due to rising labor costs, changing consumer sentiment toward “Made in China” products
  • The adoption of onshoring and nearshoring strategies and advanced technologies—such as IoT, 3D design, analytics, IoT and robotics and analytics
  • Sustainability in the supply chain
  • Increasing retailer-supplier collaboration

This report also highlights successful initiatives from selected companies in the apparel industry, including Levi’s, NIKE and Walmart.

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