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February 2020 US Retail Sales: Growth Strengthens as Grocery Stores See Coronavirus-Driven Panic Buying

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What's Inside

Coresight Research’s monthly reports keep you up to date on US and UK retail sales, US retail traffic and in-store metrics, selected US retailers’ same-store sales and key global consumer indicators. Click here to view our full collection of Monthly Reports.

Highlights from our February 2020 US Retail Sales Report:

US retail sales surged in February, growing at more than double January’s already impressive rate. This should be good news for retail, but most was driven by coronavirus panic buying and so is not sustainable. As we head into what could be one of the most challenging periods for retail in recent memory, we look at what February figures tell us.

This report looks at:

  • Which retailers saw sales surge.
  • Which products people snapped up.
  • Retailers that did not do well.

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