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Stockholm— Europe’s Second- Most-Valuable Startup Hub

Coresight Research

Key Points

This is the fifth report in our series on European startup capitals. Stockholm is a leading startup hub globally and one of the top European centers for startup development. The main factors that make Stockholm the second-most-valuable startup hub in Europe include:

  • Access to capital: Startups in Stockholm have better access to crowdfunding than any other European startup hub and enjoy some of the best availability of early-stage funding.
  • Startup experience/knowledge spillover/skills and digital infrastructure: The presence of successful startups, top academic institutions, a skilled workforce and one of the world’s most advanced digital infrastructures all contribute to create a very favorable startup ecosystem in which knowledge and experience sharing is encouraged.
  • Market reach: The international orientation of Stockholm based startups facilitates their overseas reach.
  • Digital infrastructure: Companies in Stockholm operate in one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world.

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