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Coronavirus Retail Robustness Index: The 10 US Retailers Best Able To Weather the Storm

What's Inside

Coresight Research developed the Coronavirus Retail Robustness Index to evaluate the 100 largest US retailers on their ability to weather the worsening coronavirus outbreak in the US—and spreading store closures, stay-at-home orders and bizarre hoarding habits.

We evaluated companies based on financial strength; whether the company sells products offline, online and internationally; and, on the length of tenure of the CEO.

This report looks at:

  • How companies selling primarily offline will be impacted.
  • The implications for brick and mortar retailers with healthy online offerings.
  • Which categories will fare well, which less so.
  • How international exposure and CEO tenure affect the ranking.

Click here to view Coresight Research’s ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.


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