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Coronavirus Insights: Learnings from NIKE’s and Lululemon’s China Experiences

Coresight Research

What's Inside

With China embracing signs of recovery from the coronavirus crisis, we look at the lessons that NIKE and Lululemon have learned from their experiences in the country. We consider how the two athletic apparel companies might use this knowledge to inform their approaches to other markets being affected by the pandemic.

At the end of March 2020, both NIKE and Lululemon reported favorable earnings amidst the coronavirus outbreak. We discuss coronavirus-related highlights from the companies’ reports, covering the following key content:

  • NIKE’s four-phase coronavirus playbook and Lululemon’s two-workstream approach
  • The use of digital channels—such as activity apps and social media—to engage with consumers and encourage them to stay active
  • The growth of e-commerce through digital marketing
  • Product innovation and creativity in new product launches
  • How NIKE and Lululemon have maintained positions of strength through the coronavirus crisis

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