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Coresight Research x CEW: Beauty Insights—Spectacular Retail Drives Beauty Growth in China

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The Chinese beauty market is the second largest in the world behind the US, and it is growing at a rapid rate—fueled by e-commerce and social and digital technologies. In this report, we discuss China’s spectacular retail model in beauty, which blends engaging strategies with technologies and optimizes digital marketing and shopping formats with an AI-enabled supply chain.

This report is brought to you in partnership with CEW—conversation leaders in the beauty industry and community. Our joint insights highlight five innovative examples of spectacular retail strategies that are helping beauty brands to successfully emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. We also discuss the potential of these strategies to support the growth of the US beauty market.

This report is part of our Beauty Insights series, which explores prominent or emerging themes and trends in the global beauty market. Click here to read the previous report in the series, which explores opportunities in India’s beauty and personal care market.

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