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CES 2021 Day Three and Wrap-Up: Tech Topics Span the Gamut from Drones to Cloud to Fintech to Contactless Shopping

What's Inside

CES 2021, an event held by the Consumer Technology Association, took place on January 11–14. The Coresight Research team presents our key insights from day three of the virtual event, which covered a number of technologies: 5G, robotics, fintech, contactless shopping, cloud computing and AI. It featured keynote addresses from Microsoft, on the promise and perils of technology, and Walmart, covering the use of technology to improve its business, its omnichannel approach to healthcare and the company’s efforts to improve inclusion and equality.

We also offer our closing thoughts on the digital event as a whole.

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Coresight Research CEO and Founder Deborah Weinswig also presented on day two of CES 2021 and hosted fireside chats with leaders from Dick’s Sporting Goods and Alibaba Group. Click here to read highlights from the session.

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CES 2021: Closing Thoughts

CES Day Three: 10 Key Insights

  1. Technology Presents Promise and Perils—Humans Must Decide Its Uses
  2. There Are Areas for Future Improvement of Technology in the Supply Chain
  3. An Omnichannel Approach to Healthcare Is Emerging
  4. Walmart Reconfigures Its Business To Achieve Racial Equity
  5. Many of the Most Compelling Applications of 5G Are Yet To Be Imagined
  6. Consumers Are Rapidly Embracing Fintech and E-Banking This Year
  7. Robots Take On New Tasks and Offer Cheaper, More Sustainable Delivery
  8. Contactless Payment Gains Traction and Enhances the Shopping Journey
  9. The Cloud Enables Enterprises To Perform Rapid Testing and Experimentation
  10. Inclusive Input Leads to Inclusive Output with AI

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