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CES 2019 Wrap-Up: Five Cool Things You Need to Know

Executive Summary

The Coresight Research team attended CES 2019 (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week. Many of the new technologies announced at CES tend to focus on applications, and this year was no exception: We saw many applications based on AI, 5G wireless, robots and new displays.

Below are our key takeaways from the show:

  • AI-based voice control is expanding beyond dedicated appliances to encompass the smartphone, home and automobile.
  • 5G wireless will reinvigorate commerce and change our lives — but not until 2020.
  • Several exciting new TV technologies and form factors were announced, but content lags.
  • Future transport will be diverse and require human-machine cooperation.
  • CES is no longer just a technology show: It embraces retail, consumer products and even food preparation.

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