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CES 2019 Day 1: Five Cool Things You Need to Know

Coresight Research

Key Points

Coresight Research is attending CES 2019 (formerly, the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week. These are our hottest takeaways from the first day:

  • Machines will increasingly talk to you — and to each other.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are exploding in terms of the number of applications. However, many have yet to prove their value.
  • Keyboards and screenswill disappear: Voice will take over.
  • Changes in digital health will transform our relationships with doctors.
  • Everyone is talking about unstaffed stores and automatic vending machines.

1. Machines Will Increasingly Talk to You — and Each Other

There has already been a proliferation of voice-controlled digital devices, such as intelligent digital assistants. With the advance of the Internet of Things, we will start to see connected devices communicating with each other.

Source: CES 2019

2. Expect a Shakeout in AI and Machine Learning Apps

AI and machine learning apps are exploding, but many have yet to prove they can add value.

There is a lot of hype around AI and what it can do for companies, including to help them understand their customers. But not all deliver solid value that helps retailers. We see a shakeout coming with companies that understand how to use data and offer services useful to humans prospering.

Source: CES 2019

3. Keyboards and Screens are Set to Disappear

Voice control is becoming increasingly prevalent in devices. Keyboards and mice will be around for a while, but may disappear quickly (“what’s a DVD?”) as voice and other sensors untether us.

4. Digital Health is Evolving to Change our Relationships with Physicians

Consumers are managing more of their own health digitally, and brain health — including the prevention of dementia, as well as mental health — is a big emerging trend this year.

5. Unattended Stores and Vending Machines are a Major Discussion Topic

As unstaffed Amazon Go stores and Best Buy electronic vending machines at airports and other locations become ordinary, other companies are looking at moves such as retrofitting existing stores to make them unstaffed, in addition to smart stores that collect data to offer personalized products and services.

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