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Building Blocks of the Metaverse: Payments

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In recent years, many new payment methods for retailers, brands and businesses have emerged to increase efficiency, reduce costs and help unlock trade barriers. As consumers continue their shift toward a digital life, payment systems and solutions are evolving at a rapid pace—and have been accelerated by the emergence of the metaverse and Web 3.0.

In this report, we explore digital payments in the metaverse, covering the underlying technologies as well as payment solutions and channels. Our discussion covers blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, crypto payment gateways and more—with highlights on MoonPay, Immutable X, Polygon and Arbitrum.

This report is part of our Building Blocks of the Metaverse series, which presents insights into the core technological components of the retail metaverse, including important details for retailers to know in establishing a presence and operating in the virtual space.

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