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BOPIS: US Retailers Looking for Omnichannel Excellence


Executive Summary

In this report, we explain the buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS) model in detail and assess how some US retailers are using this service to enhance their omnichannel retailing.

  • Retailers can fulfill BOPIS orders using store inventory or ship from  distribution centers. In-store order fulfillment enables same-day pick up  and optimizes in-store inventory.
  • As part of launching BOPIS, most retailers integrate inventory systems and invest in technologies such as order management systems that align online and offline channels.
  • Now, only 27.5% of US retailers offer BOPIS, compared to the UK (64%) and France (50.5%), according to OrderDynamics. However, the number of US retailers offering BOPIS increased 5.7 percentage points in 2018, and BOPIS adoption among US enterprise-sized chains is particularly high at 43%.
  • According to a National Retail Federation (NRF) study, about 64% of consumers use the BOPIS option to avoid shipping fees. Many companies (nearly 38%) choose the BOPIS model to attract customers into the store hoping they will make additional purchases, according to a Signifyd 2018 survey.
  • A large number of US retailers continue to face multiple challenges managing BOPIS, with significant difficulties in logistics, inventory tracking, and training and managing store staff, according to a Signifyd 2018 survey.

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