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Beauty Wellness

Executive Summary

In this report, we analyze the global beauty wellness market.

  • The global beauty market is evolving as the definition of beauty comes to be viewed holistically – from the inside out, creating  opportunities for new entrants. The new era of beauty includes health, wellness, self-care and edible beauty products.
  • Consumers are turning to solution-based beauty products, also known as dermo-cosmetics. L’Oréal reported its Active Cosmetics division (dermo-cosmetics) “outperformed the market in every country and on every continent, particularly in the US and Asia” In 2018.
  • Athletic brands and retailers such as Lululemon are expanding into beauty and wellness with their own self-care products.
  • Prevention and skin protection are now beauty values. Consumers are increasingly turning to skin care routines that prevent sun damage, protect from pollution and premature aging. According to the NPD Group, the prestige beauty market saw a 29% increase in spending on skincare products with SPF last year.
  • Consumers are eating powders, supplements and other edibles for healthier skin.

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