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Beauty Insights: CBD and the Future of Health and Wellness

What's Inside

As part of our Beauty Insights series, we explore the potential of cannabidiol (CBD) products in the US beauty sector and present our estimations for the significant growth of the market for CBD health and wellness over the next five years.

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers are prioritizing good health now more than ever and are seeking functional, solution-based products that deliver results. In this report, we discuss how CBD products can meet this demand in the US beauty market, covering the following key topics:

  • The functional attributes of CBD in health and wellness
  • The opportunity for mainstream retailers and brands to increase CBD offerings—including a timeline of significant events and market entry
  • Coresight Research estimates of the growth of the US CBD health and wellness market
  • The reasons why consumers use CBD products—spanning mental health, sleep care, skin care and cosmetics
  • The frequency of CBD product use and the opportunity for brands to educate potentially high-value consumers
  • The growth categories of sleep care and mental health

This report uses findings from Coresight Research’s proprietary survey of US CBD users, and we also provide examples of brands and products currently in the CBD beauty space.

This report is part of our Beauty Insights series, which explores prominent or emerging themes and trends in the global beauty market. Click here to read the previous report in the series, in which we discuss five key trending topics in beauty wellness.

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