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Americans with Disabilities Act Celebrates 30 Years—Opportunities Still Exist for Inclusion, Education and Adaptive Apparel

What's Inside

Following the 30-year anniversary of the ADA, we look at how inclusion for people with disabilities is being realized in the US and the role that adaptive apparel can play in facilitating this.

We explore four key insights into the opportunities for inclusion, education and adaptive apparel:

  • Empowered Cities works toward financial empowerment for people with disabilities—We discuss the organization’s efforts and summarize the disability communities of selected US cities.
  • Covid-19 puts a spotlight on industry needs; adaptive apparel companies expand their missions to serve the community—Highlights include solutions from Care+Wear and IZ Adaptive.
  • We see an opportunity for brands and retailers to enter the adaptive apparel and footwear market and develop innovations to serve the community.
  • Three ways in which organizations can best help the disability community, according to Empwered Cities.

This report is a precursor to Coresight Research’s upcoming deep dive into adaptive apparel, in which we will estimate the potential size of the US market and take a close look at the adaptive apparel and footwear brands and retailers that are leading the way, as well as selected organizations that are offering services for the disability community.

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