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Brand Influence, Customer Experiences, AI, Sustainability and Talent Matter: Insights from NextGen Commerce, a Coresight Research Conference

The NextGen Commerce conference brought together industry experts, retailers, brands and technology innovators to explore the future of retail. This report, exclusively available to Coresight Research premium subscribers, provides key insights from the full event, covering critical topics such as AI (artificial intelligence) and sustainability.

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The Power of First-Party Data: Five Ways To Maximize Business Success

In partnership with Treasure Data, we delve into the ways in which first-party data can maximize the sustainable growth and long-term success of retail businesses. From GenAI (generative artificial intelligence) to retail media, explore power of first-party data and strategic partnerships with technology providers to gain a strategic competitive advantage.

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Research Preview: Market Navigator—Global Luxury

We offer an early look at our forthcoming Market Navigator exploring the global luxury market. Gain insights into emerging ideas and opportunities in the market, understand the growth trajectory of brands’ and retailers’ revenues, and explore the competitive landscape.

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