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Tackling Online Cart Abandonment: How To Convert the Three in Four Carts Lost at Checkout ​— Presentation

What's Inside

To convert lost online sales opportunities into revenue, retailers need to understand the reasons behind cart abandonment and implement strategies to optimize the checkout process.

Coresight Research and Bolt explore cart abandonment in US e-commerce. We also present key actions that retailers can take to reduce cart abandonment on their websites.

Data in this report, based on proprietary survey findings, include:

  • US online cart abandonment rate and estimated lost revenue as a result of cart abandonment, 2022
  • Whether retailers have tracked shoppers abandoning their online carts in the past six months
  • Cart abandonment rates by device type
  • Consumers’ shopping intentions and behavior related to cart abandonment
  • Reasons for cart abandonment—retailers’ perceptions vs. shoppers’ opinions
  • Factors most likely to influence shoppers to complete their purchase

Other relevant research:

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