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Company Name Categories Description Website Founder(s) Year Founded HQ Country HQ City/State Funding Status Funding Details Acquired Acquired by Date Updated
Inspectorio Supply Chain, Information Technology, Retail Technology, Sustainability, Manufacturing, Predictive Analytics, B2B, Retail Inspectorio is a technology firm offering a cloud-based web and mobile software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows retailers, brands, vendors and factories to digitalize their quality control and compliance-monitoring processes. Fernando Moncayo Castillo, Luis Moncayo Castillo 2.015 United States Minneapolis, Minneasota $13.7M in 3 rounds No
Radius8 Enterprise Software, Marketing, Customer Service, Retail Technology, Analytics, Personalization, Retail, B2B, Retail Stores Radius8 created a retail software platform that empowers retailers to dynamically merchandise online by using data on their physical stores and local market intelligence to provide contextual discovery for shoppers. Chi Park, Evan Shaw, Sandeep Bhanote 2.015 United States Princeton, New Jersey $2.4M in 3 rounds No
Markable Image Reocgnition, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, Visual Search, AI, Machine Learning, Retail Technology, Analytics, Personalization, Retail, B2B Markable utilizes AI software, primarily in the form of computer vision, to analyze images and products. The software provides retailers and brands tools to utilize visual search, present visually similar product recommendations and lookbooks, style products, and implement Markable’s AI-based attribute auto-tagging technology. Joy Tang 2.016 United States New York, New York $5.7M in 7 rounds No
Celect Predictive Analytics, Retail Technology, Analytics, Personalization, Retail, B2B Celect provides a cloud-based merchandise-optimization platform that helps retailers optimize their overall inventory portfolios in stores and across their supply chains. Celect transforms the intuition-based merchandise-planning process into a data-driven process with machine learning and predictive analytics. Devavrat Shah, Vivek Farias 2.013 United States Boston, Massachusetts $30.2M in 4 rounds No
Price Technologies Consumer Services, E-Commerce, AI, Machine Learning, Retail, Software, Marketplace Price Technologies  product and price matching technology, with a vision to match anything with everything online using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company helps online retailers implement innovative matching technology such as visual search, browser extension, voice capability and chatbot applications. RJ Jain 2.016 United States San Francisco, California $2.9M in 3 rounds No
Spring CRM, Retail Technology, Analytics, Personalization, Loyalty Programs, Marketing, Retail, B2B, Retail Stores, E-Commerce Spring Marketplace (Spring) operates at the intersection of retail, payments and digital marketing, helping companies gain insights into their customers’ purchase behavior and target their engagement strategies accordingly. Spring’s cloud-based marketing platform functions as an extension of retailers’ existing customer relationship management solutions. Bruce Mitchell, Jonathan Dyke 2.012 United States Chicago, Illinois $2.3M in 1 round No Acquired Toodalu
Trivver Marketing, AR/VR, B2B, 3D Technology, Enterprise Software, Advertising, Mobile Trivver provides an exchange platform for extended reality (XR) advertisements, including 3D, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) ads. Advertisers and brands can create a single 3D object to implement across all XR platforms. Joel LaMontagne, C. Lawrence Greaves 2.012 United States Newport Beach, California No
True Fit Fashion, Apparel, Retail, Footwear, Marketing, Retail Technology, B2B, E-Commerce, Personalization, E-Commerce True Fit is a data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel retailers. Its Genome platform collects manufacturing design data from leading apparel and footwear brands, anonymized consumer order data from top retailers, and personal preference data from its registered users. Jessica Murphy, Romney Evans, William R. Adler 2.010 United States Boston, Massachusetts $97.4M in 6 rounds from 3 investors No
InReality Marketing, Retail Technology, Analytics, Personalization, Retail, B2B, Proptech InReality is a solution-as-a-service company that helps brands and retailers drive conversion and optimize in-store investments. Brands and retailers use our IoT-based customer experience solutions to drive in-store conversion of shoppers to sales. John DeCaprio 1.995 United States Atlanta, Georgia No
Market Beyond Analytics, E-Commerce, Business Intelligence, B2B, Marketing, Enterprise Software, Retail Market Beyond provides brands and online retailers actionable, real-time product-level insights by tracking millions of e-commerce shoppers behaviors and shopping journeys across the internet. The company uses AI and Machine Learning to provide paths to purchase intelligence, online market share and other in-depth shopper intelligence. Yuval Yifrach, Shachar Baryamin, Eran Dror 2.015 Israel Tel Aviv-Yafo $2.5M 2 investors No
Marxent AR/BR, B2B, 3D Technology, Home and Home Improvement, Retail, Mobile, Enterprise Software Marxent provides furniture and kitchen cabinet retailers a 3D product visualization platform. Through Marxent's 3D applications, shoppers can configure, design and visualize home furnishings and home decor with Marxent's 3D Room Planner, Virtual Reality Showroom, Augmented Reality Apps and SDK, 360 Product Spins and 3D Product Configurator applications. Barry Besecker, Beck Besecker 2.011 United States Dayton, Ohio $13.7M in 7 rounds No
Alvanon Retail, Marketing, Retail Technology, E-Commerce, Fashion, Apparel, Personalization, Analytics, Product Development, Supply Chain, 3D Technology Alvanon is a global apparel and product development consultancy that uses a data-driven approach to solve the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the apparel industry. 2.011 United States New York, New York No
Fashwire Marketplace, Retail, Fasion, Apparel, Analytics, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce Fashwire’s platform directly connects designers, trend-setters, and the fashion-curious with the otherwise intimidating world of fashion. As a designer solution, Fashwire allows designers to promote their collections on a global platform, build a fan base, and get direct feedback from their followers. Kimberly Carney 2.015 United States Seattle, Washington $2M in 2 rounds No
Revionics Retail, Retail Technology, Analytics, Enterprise Software, Business Intelligence, Real Estate Revionics provides SaaS-based pricing, promotions, markdown and space solutions. In addition, the company provides price strategy formation, store-to-zone clustering analysis, and consulting services. Jeff Smith 2.002 United States Roseville, California $56.8M in 8 rounds No Acquired SkuLoop, MarketYze, Retail Optimization
Grata Data Business Intelligence, B2B, Analytics, Retail, AI, Machine Learning, Information Technology Grata Data monitors, track and analyzes online documents and websites to track and analyze product and private company intelligence. Fortune 500 companies, institutional investors and consultants use Grata Data for their competitive intelligence and due diligence. Andrew Bocskocsky, Nevin Raj 2.015 United States New York, New York No
Planalytics Business Intelligence, Analytics, Retail, B2B, E-Commerce Through advanced weather analysis technologies, planning and optimization solutions and industry-specific expertise, Planalytics helps companies accurately assess and measure weather-driven impacts and effectively manage the never-ending variability of climate. Frederic Fox 1.990 United States Berwyn, Pennslyvania $31M in 3 rounds No

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