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Did you know that much of the discarded food in the US comes from the grocery sector, with more than 30% of food going into landfills? Amid this waste and inefficiency, around 10.5% of US households experienced some type of food insecurity in 2020, according to a USDA study. On a global basis, $1 trillion worth of food is lost or wasted annually. Increasingly sustainable consumer mindsets, new legislations, and realization grocers that managing waste is also good for businesses are all driving forward a zero-waste future.

Tune in on Tuesday, September 21, at 8 AM PST, as Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, and Julie Vargas, Vice President, Commercial, Avery Dennison dispels 5 myths surrounding food waste in grocery through both financial and economic terms.


Deborah Weinswig, Moderator

CEO & Founder

Coresight Research

Julie Vargas

Vice President, Commercial

Avery Dennison