After months of lockdowns and restrictions, the world is settling into a new normal. With shifting priorities and an openness to exploring different ways of shopping, consumer behavior has forever been impacted by the repercussions of the pandemic—or has it?

Join Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, and Ethan Chernofsky, VP of Marketing at, as they:

1. Analyze top retail categories and brands to understand retail recovery by sector and the strategies driving strength in the new normal

2. Examine the recovery across regions and retail formats (malls/strip centers/outlet centers)

3. Break down changes versus stickiness in shopping behavior and what they could mean for retail moving forward

4. Look at key consumer shifts—such as the suburban exodus—and their potential impacts on retail


Deborah Weinswig

CEO & Founder

Coresight Research

Ethan Chernofsky

VP, Marketing