Are you sitting on the sidelines trying to understand what the next decade of retail experiences will bring? Get a front-row seat to one of the hottest discussions to hit the runway. Hear from today’s most relevant brands and from luxury, fashion, beauty, and culture leaders on why new retail experiences can lead the way when it comes to Metaverse and Emerging Tech adoption. The panel will explore:

  • How brands are using virtual spokespeople to connect with new audiences
  • What Generative AI has to do with the metaverse and its impact on retail
  • Gaming as the new social network for Gen Z and Gen Alpha
  • How brands are preparing for a future with AR glasses
  • Innovative real-world examples that illustrate why retail is leading the way


Deborah Weinswig, Moderator


Coresight Research

Cathy Hackl

Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer


Tobin McComas

VP, Development & Member Services

Digital Chamber of Commerce

Brian Trunzo

Head of Business Development, N.A

Polygon Labs