Balancing Trust, Data Collection and Privacy

It has never been more important for retailers and brands to adapt quickly to the changing preferences and behaviors of consumers, who now shop across a variety of platforms, devices and geographies. Customers are increasingly seeking tailored experiences and expect value back for sharing their data with brands and retailers.

In this webinar, we will discuss the differences in perceptions between consumers and brands/retailers on retail personalization and data privacy. We analyze the findings of three Coresight Research surveys—two sent to consumers, and one to brands and retailers, in the US and the UK.

This event is sponsored by cross-channel marketing automation solution provider Sailthru, which helps marketers build relationships with their customers through one-to-one personalization via email communication and desktop and mobile platforms.

4 important take aways you’ll understand after this webinar:

  • Personalization can bring in extra dollars for brands and retailers, as more than two-thirds of consumers surveyed said they will shop more often with companies that personalize the experience.
  • Consumers think brands and retailers are not doing enough when it comes to personalization: 71% of brands and retailers think they excel in marketing personalization, but only 34% of consumers think the same.
  • Cost-saving incentives, such as offers and discounts, drive consumers to join loyalty programs, particularly Gen Z consumers.
  • While 96% of consumers have concerns regarding data protection and privacy, 36% of consumers are positive about sharing personal data to brands and retailers for better personalized recommendations and experiences.

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Ken Fenyo

President, Research & Advisory

Coresight Research

Laura Carrier

Retail Industry Advisor