The pandemic-driven surge in e-commerce and emergence of stricter privacy regulations around the use of third-party data has created a conundrum for digital marketers. Forward-thinking businesses are adopting new, innovative approaches that combine Human + Machine in their messaging to creatively communicate and personalize messages. The new era of digital marketing is upon us, and AI, machine learning and first-party data are its core.

On Tuesday, February 8, at 11 am ET, Deborah Weinswig, CEO & Founder of Coresight Research is joined by Alex Olesen, Senior Director of Vertical Strategy at Persado, to discuss why digital marketers should rethink the traditional use of third-party data, and prioritize advanced technologies like AI and ML, that can create more consumer-centric customer experiences. Coresight will reveal proprietary data from a survey of 165 retail executives. During the discussion, we’ll be covering:

  • Why, in today’s digital environment, AI is critical
  • CMOs shifting focus to first-party data in a cookie-less world
  • Use cases for leveraging AI for digital marketing:
    • Activating first-party data
    • Generating creative content
    • Offering personalized experiences

Click here to watch the webinar replay!


Deborah Weinswig, Moderator

CEO & Founder

Coresight Research

Alex Olesen

Senior Director of Vertical Strategy