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CES 2024 Pre-Conference Insights

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Pre-conference days at CES 2024 were a whirlwind of innovation: 

  • TechTitans are leading with a focus on sustainability, accessibility and mobility. 
  • The Abbott VR lounge seamlessly merges healthcare and retail experiences. 
  • TVs dazzle with LG’s transparent OLED, TCL’s 98” and Samsung’s MicroLED. 
  • Generative everything steals the spotlight. 
  • Supply chain innovation, particularly in retail, gains momentum. 
  • Microsoft reshapes the AI landscape with the biggest keyboard change in 30 years—an AI button! 

Check out our pre-conference insight report here: https://coresight.com/research/ces-2024-pre-conference-insights-on-ai-health-inclusivity-and-sustainability-a-powerhouse-quartet-of-innovation/