With our deep expertise in retail, Coresight Research is uniquely positioned to help clients thrive and prosper in the age of digitization, rapidly shifting consumer preferences and fast-moving online expectations. We help you make sense of – and better leverage – the many new technology tools hitting the retail space. Our international reach and established relationships with key global players – especially in the booming China market – gives us unparalleled cross-border expertise to help you successfully enter and navigate overseas markets. Retail was never for the faint of heart, but we make it easier to navigate ever-shifting waters.

Success in China E-Commerce: Your Tmall 101

Alibaba’s Tmall accounted for 60% of gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the online retail business-to-consumer (B2C) market in China in the third quarter of 2018, according to China Internet Watch and Analysis.

A Guide to Entering China for Foreign Brands and Retailers, Part 3: Breaking into the China Market — Optimizing Marketing and Promotional Strategies for Singles’ Day

In this is the third report in our series A Guide to Entering China for Foreign Brands and Retailers, we focus on how foreign brands can use Singles’ Day as a springboard to enter China, leveraging our proprietary data on brands’ sales performance on Singles’ Day 2018 on Tmall.

A Guide to Entering China for Foreign Brands and Retailers, Part 2: Chinese E-Commerce Calendar for 2019 – International Brands that Understand and Respect Chinese Culture Are Poised to Win

China celebrates many holidays and shopping festivals that foreign brands and retailers should pay attention to, ranging from traditional cultural celebrations to holidays adopted from Western culture to special events recently created by retailers and e-commerce platforms.

Doing Business in China

$1.63 billion in sales are made in the first 38 minutes • 42.6% of sales are made via mobile devices • The first domestic order is delivered in 15 minutes • The first cross-border order is delivered in 2 hours • In 2014, Alibaba offered an 11.11 shopping festival to global shoppers