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Alibaba.com Provides Support for US Businesses

Alibaba.com Provides Support for US Businesses
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First, an initiative known as Alibaba.com Payment Terms will enable businesses to pay for products up to 60 days after shipment. This scheme will help merchants to preserve cash and stock up on products for resale, as they will be able to pay for inventory costs over a longer payment window.  

Secondly, Alibaba.com upgraded its infrastructure to incorporate a built-in freight service, Alibaba.com Freight, that will digitalize and simplify cross-border logistics for ocean and air shipments. With the new system, merchants can compare, book, manage and track ocean and air freight in real time online.  

The company’s final initiative is the rollout of online trade shows for specific categories, including supplements and nutrition, food and beverages, agriculture, and beauty and personal care. These trade shows will showcase products from US-based manufacturers and wholesalers, helping them to connect with global buyers via livestreaming. Buyers can interact and ask questions to the sellers, schedule one-to-one sessions and place orders through the platform. 

trade show page on Alibaba
Trade show page on Alibaba.com
Source: Alibaba.com