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April 2021 Leading Indicators of US Retail Sales: Surprisingly Slow Labor Market Mars an Otherwise Strong Month

In our monthly Leading Indicators of US Retail Sales series, we examine several key macroeconomic indicators of US retail sales and analyze how they may impact the industry in the months to come. We analyze the latest available data, as of the end of April 2021, covering the job market, income and savings, and housing.

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US Apparel Retail: Post-Crisis Outlook—Fall 2020 Update

We explore the continued impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on the US apparel retail sector and present an outlook for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. In addition to commentary from US apparel brands and retailers, we discuss the adoption of new selling models, expansion in the digital channel and technological innovation, among other key trends. We summarize our key estimates in an infographic.

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Coronavirus Briefing: China’s Outbound Tourism Will Be Hurt, but Possibly Not for Long

Chinese outbound travelers led spending in tourism globally before the coronavirus outbreak. We discuss the potential short-term impact that the virus could therefore have on the tourism industries of popular destinations among Chinese travelers. We also consider how a decline in the number of international tourists from China could affect airport retail sales.

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