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2021 US Tax Tracker #3: $211 Billion Refunded, Down Versus Last Year

Each year, the IRS reports tax return filings and refunds on a weekly basis until the extended deadline of May 17 this year. We look at what happened what has happened in the 2021 tax filing season so far, as of April 16, 2021. This report covers the number of returns filed and processed, the total and average refunds returned and a comparison of the 2021 tax filing season to date versus the comparative period in 2020.

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2021 US Tax Tracker #1: IRS Issues $48 Billion in Refunds

The IRS kicked off the 2021 tax filing season on February 12 this year when it began accepting tax returns for 2020—a delay compared to the normal start in early January. The delays this year allowed the IRS more time to prepare for the Covid-19 Relief Bill, which took effect in the US in late December. The IRS expects to receive over 160 million individual tax returns in 2020.

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