Setting the Pace: Retail Trends To Watch in 2021

FEBRUARY 23RD, 2021 | 11:00 AM ET

Setting the Pace: Retail Trends to Watch in 2021

With the relaxing of shelter-in-place restrictions happening across the US, more and more businesses are reopening and welcoming back excited shoppers. These cautious consumers are returning to restaurants, salons, and malls, but they remain selective in their outdoor activities, as e-commerce and online purchasing has generally held across sectors.

What does this mean for what’s to come in 2021? What trends have been signaled from recent consumer behavior data and reports in recent months?

In this webinar, we’ll first examine the Q1 performance of sectors and brands, potential market surprises, and the rebound of malls. Then we’ll dig into a number of trends, exploring sector health checks, possible brand expansions, mission-driven shopping, the future of department stores, the outdoor/indoor shift and its effects on retailers, and much more.

We’ve partnered with retail and location analytics developer to provide even greater visibility into consumer foot-traffic and other trends that have developed since the start of 2021.

Key presentation lessons and takeaways include:

  • Current sectors and brands setting the pace for 2021
  • Breakdown of key retail trends to watch
  • Insights into changing consumer behavior and actions
  • Understanding important health checks signaling the year’s outlook for sectors

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Ethan Chernofsky

Ethan Chernofsky

VP, Marketing


Deborah Weinswig

Deborah Weinswig

CEO & Founder
Coresight Research