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Innovator Intelligence: Leveraging AI To Enhance Creativity, Sustainability and Efficiency in Modern Fashion Design

The world of fashion design has changed rapidly as brands and retailers have been forced to adapt to shifting consumer behavior. Increasing demand for fast fashion is being met with calls for sustainability and inclusivity in apparel—creating challenges for fashion brands and retailers. We explore challenges in the shifting design landscape and areas of opportunity for fashion brands, retailers and designers to improve the efficiency and creativity with which they design and to cater for a multitude of body shapes and sizes. This free report is sponsored by Savitude.

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NRF 2021 Day Three: Data-Driven Solutions, from Supply Chain to Store; Understanding Changed Shopping Patterns

NRF 2021, the annual “Retail’s Big Show” event hosted by the National Retail Federation, is taking place virtually over six days between January 12 and 22. The Coresight Research team presents our 10 key insights from day three of the event, which focused on the importance of understanding consumers, many of whom have changed their behaviors over the course of the pandemic. The benefits of integrating technology across all retail operations, from supply chain to stores, emerged as another key theme.

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Chinese New Year: Five Strategies for International Brands and Retailers To Capitalize on the Holiday

Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, is the most important holiday of the year in Chinese culture, falling on February 11–17 in 2021. We discuss five ways in which international brands and retailers can capitalize on this retail opportunity in 2021 and future years, covering new products, red packets, themed campaigns, livestreaming and logistics.

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Retail 2021: 10 Trends for China E-Commerce

We expect 2021 to be a year full of innovation in China’s e-commerce market, with the Covid-19 pandemic having significantly altered the nature of how consumers engage with brands and make purchases. In this free report, we present 10 key trends for Chinese e-commerce in 2021 and discuss how brands and retailers that are targeting the China market could capitalize on the changes we expect to see over the course of the year. These trends cover livestreaming, shopping festivals, group buying, New Retail and more.

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2021 Retail and Technology Outlook

Against the challenging coronavirus-impacted retail environment, Coresight Research’s analysts provide directional outlooks and sector headwinds and tailwinds for 2021. We discuss the trends and data points that we expect to see during the year ahead, covering 10 channels, sectors or markets, with a focus on the US.

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Weinswig’s Weekly: 2021 Outlook: Looking Forward to a Healthier Retail Environment as the Year Progresses

The Coresight Research team wish you a healthy and prosperous new year. We will continue to provide research to guide you through 2021 and our eventual emergence from the period of crisis, including through our consumer tracker, sector coverage, thematic reports and Innovator research.

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Weinswig’s Weekly: Coresight Research Plans for 2021—Hot Topics in Retail and Technology

As the year draws to a close, the Coresight Research team would like to thank you for your continued readership and support throughout 2020. The year was difficult for many, and we hope that our research has helped guide you through the period of crisis. We will continue to do so in 2021, including through our consumer tracker, sector coverage, thematic reports and Innovator research.

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