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As global supply chains continue to be pressured by geo-political, pandemic, and sustainability-focused forces how can businesses chart their own path to actual progress? With so much talk about sustainability in the media, how can retailers sort the real innovation and progress from hype and head fakes? How can retailers not only set informed ESG targets, but also understand how they can achieve them?

Join Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder, Coresight Research, in conversation with Jessica Scott, Associate Partner, Global Sustainable Supply Chains, IBM Consulting, and Baan Slavens Director of Product Management, IBM Sustainability Software, as they discuss and dissect today’s sustainable supply chain news, covering the importance of visibility in building sustainable supply chains, in order to establish trust in the value chain and identify the right opportunities for optimization.

  • Visibility – How real-time data can highlight impact of your suppliers and their suppliers, whether it is emissions tracking or human rights imperatives
  • Trust – How the importance of transparency can ensure trust across partners, data and process
  • Optimization – How data and AI are helping optimize supply chain decisions for greatest sustainability impact across retail’s most material areas

It’s a session for retailers looking to leverage increased efficiency in the supply chain as a critical means to accelerate their sustainability agenda.


  • Deborah Weinswig, Founder and CEO, Coresight Research
  • Jessica Scott, Associate Partner, Global Sustainable Supply Chains, IBM Consulting
  • Baan Slavens, Director of Product Management, IBM Sustainability Software