Discussions surrounding retail theft and organized retail crime (ORC) are heating up. Many companies have reported the negative effects of theft on their profitability, while others have noted how difficult it is to accurately measure the impact. Either way, retailers and mall operators are trying to tackle this challenge head-on.

Taking place on the second day (Wednesday, June 5) of the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, this engaging panel session will share perspectives and insights that aim to answer the following imperative questions:

  • What physical and digital measures are retailers taking?
  • Which technologies can help retail companies to better mitigate, and even prevent, theft?
  • How will AI (artificial intelligence) improve the accuracy and impact of these technologies?
  • How should retailers and mall operators balance security measures with the customer experience?
  • How can retailers and mall operators walk the fine line between “Big Brother” and customer privacy?

The panel of experts, which includes John Harmon, Managing Director of Technology Research at Coresight Research, will discuss the practical and ethical considerations of implementing advanced security measures in the retail environment. Join the session to explore the spectrum of technologies available to curb theft, from physical barriers and surveillance to sophisticated digital systems and AI-driven analytics. Gain insight into how these tools can also enhance customer trust and satisfaction without infringing on privacy.


David Blumenfeld




Mickey Papillon

VP, Technology Strategy

Irvine Company

John Harmon

Associate Director of Technology Research

Coresight Research

Kyle Spencer