Join Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, and R.J. Hottovy, Head of Analytical Research at, for an insightful and data-driven webinar, the **State of the Union – Q3 Recap and Holiday Outlook**, where we’ll delve into the latest trends and shifts in the retail landscape. This exclusive event is designed to equip you with valuable insights to navigate the ever-evolving retail world successfully.


1. Shift by Channels and by Region:
Discover how retail channels and regional dynamics are evolving in the wake of Q2. Gain valuable insights into the changes that are reshaping the retail industry and how they impact your business strategy.

2. Mall Update:  
Gain insights into the changing dynamics of malls and physical retail spaces. Discover innovative approaches to revitalize and adapt these spaces to the evolving retail landscape.

3. Retail Media:  
Explore the growing importance of retail media and its role in influencing consumer behavior. Learn how to leverage this emerging trend to enhance your brand’s visibility and drive sales.

3. Holiday Update and Outlook:
Get a sneak peek into the upcoming holiday season. Understand the latest trends and predictions that will help you prepare your business for a successful end-of-year sales surge.

4. State of the Consumer:
Delve into the minds of today’s consumers. Uncover their preferences, behaviors, and expectations to tailor your marketing and product strategies accordingly.


Why Attend?

This webinar is your opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the retail industry. By attending, you’ll:

– Gain actionable insights into shifting retail dynamics.
– Learn how to optimize retail media strategies for maximum impact.
– Stay well-prepared for the upcoming holiday season.
– Understand the ever-changing consumer mindset.
– Explore innovative approaches to mall management.


Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the retail sector. Click here to view the on-demand webinar **State of the Union – Q3 Recap and Holiday Outlook** and ensure your business thrives in the evolving retail landscape.


Deborah Weinswig

CEO & Founder

Coresight Research

RJ Hottovy

Head of Analytical Research