Horasis will convene the (digital) Horasis Global Meeting on 19th May – one of the foremost annual meetings of the world’s leaders from business, government and society.

The theme “Toward a New Era of Peace and Sustainability” is chosen so the Horasis community of more than 1000 selected world leaders (including several heads of governments and key ministers) can bring together their unparalleled experience to devise novel ideas to navigate through our developments in the post-COVID and post-Putin invasion of Ukraine. The need for sustainability has become very visible: the world sees how local communities have been devastated by fires, floods and famines; and in parallel, the devastation caused by the COVID pandemic. And following the unlawful invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the probable war crimes, the actual devastation and the global political and economic barrier built against Russia will have effects for years to come: both in Russia and across the worlds’ economies.