The program theme for GELF LA 2023 is Scaling Customer Engagement Globally. As always, GELF speakers will deliver an energetic and engaging combination of global ecommerce strategy and cross-border tactics and best practices. In addition to the session topics summarized below, GELF offers other ways to learn and share including:

  • One-to-One@GELF LA 2023 meetings will provide attendees with the opportunity to connect directly with global ecommerce experts to discuss how best to tackle their most pressing cross-border and global ecommerce challenges.
  • Looking for curated networking opportunities so you can learn from experts and industry peers? Executive Meetups @GELF LA 2023 are back this year! The GELF team will connect peers and experts that want to share pressing concerns, discuss best practices, ask burning questions and learn more about what it takes to succeed in today’s dynamic world of global trade.