Join us on Thursday, December 7,  as John Harmon, Managing Director of Technology Research at Coresight Research, leads an interactive discussion on the transformative power of generative AI (artificial intelligence) in retail, including use cases and insights on the technology’s benefits.

Key questions we will address: 

  • How can generative AI enhance customer engagement and satisfaction in the retail sector, and what are some real-world examples of its successful implementation? 
  • In what ways have retailers leveraged generative AI to create personalized shopping experiences, and how does this technology contribute to improved customer loyalty and increased sales? 
  • As we look ahead, what emerging technologies or advancements in generative AI are expected to have the most significant impact on the retail landscape, and how can businesses prepare for these changes? 

Ahead of this exclusive call for our subscribers, catch up on our latest research on generative AI in retail.

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