Save the date! AmCham Shanghai’s Marketing & Media Committee is pleased to announce this year’s 2023 AmCham Shanghai Marketing Conference: Winning in China’s New Consumer Era. Join us on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 from 1:30 PM to 7:00 PM at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Room for in-depth analyses and presentations followed by networking drinks after the event.

Despite a slower-than-expected economic rebound, the China market remains crucial for brands big and small: consumer fundamentals are still positive, even though “revenge spending” may have been more myth than reality. The next China is still China — but signs indicate we have entered a new consumer era.

The 2023 AmCham Shanghai Marketing Conference invites household names, independent brands, marketers, and consultants to dive deep into emerging and evolving consumer trends and discuss and debate the channels and tactics brands can use to continue winning in China.

Speakers will come from a range of backgrounds, including global brands and young and independent Chinese brands, to provide a broad view of marketing to China and understand Chinese consumers.

For all marketers and brands asking themselves how to understand and predict changing consumer behavior, adjust strategy, and which offline and online channels to optimize — this is the conference for you.