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Retail Personalization in 2022: Balancing Trust, Data Collection and Privacy

Brands and retailers must recognize value exchange as a key component when they deliver personalized marketing efforts to consumers. We discuss the difference in perceptions between consumers and retailers on retail personalization and data privacy, based on proprietary survey findings. We also look at areas such as loyalty programs and consumers’ willingness to share their personal data. This free report is sponsored by Sailthru.

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Earnings Insights 4Q21, Week 6: Qurate and Best Buy’s Sales Falter, While American Eagle, Nordstrom, Target and Urban Outfitters Post Strong Results

Our weekly Earnings Insights reports feature highlights from recent management commentary at major US retailers as they report fourth-quarter 2021 earnings. This week, there are highlights from companies that reported in the week ended March 6, 2022, including American Eagle, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Qurate, Target and Urban Outfitters.

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US Store Tracker Extra, February 2022: US Retailers To Open 41 Million Square Feet of Retail Space in 2022

The US Store Tracker Extra monthly series offers insight into retailers’ store closure and opening announcements. We include details on closures and openings as a percentage of total store base as well as square-footage impact. This report also offers a comparison between year-to-date announced closures and openings, as of February 25, 2022, versus the comparable period in 2021.

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