Our Team

  • Deborah Weinswig
    Deborah Weinswig CEO and Founder

Deborah Weinswig has spent her career analyzing the intersection of retail and technology in order to build the mosaic for the future of global retail. This has led to her current role as CEO & Founder of Coresight Research. She analyzes disruptions altering the new retail ecosystem, impacted by technology, real estate, and fashion, industries she has studied for many years as an award-winning retail and retail tech analyst.

As a member of several boards of global companies, and an advisor to numerous startups and accelerators, she travels the world to speak to boards and advise global audiences and brands on the changes that will fundamentally transform their businesses.

Weinswig was named one of the Top 50 Retail Influencers by Vend in both 2016 and 2017 and received the Asia Retail Congress’s Retail Leadership s Retail Leadership Award in 2016.

  • Andrew Dinsmore
    Andrew Dinsmore CFO/COO

    Andrew Dinsmore has a history of building and leading financial organizations within the professional services and software industries. He has been a CFO/COO with companies in technology and professional services industries including Centric Digital, Gravitas, RapidMiner and the M&A advisory firm Stuart Lammert & Co. Andrew has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, a Master of Science in Aero/Astro Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University.

  • James C. Gunver
    James C. Gunver CIO

    James C. Gunver is recognized as a technically sophisticated, experienced, and seasoned Information Technologies executive with broad-based experience in management and techno-political advisory at a presidential level. He is armed with profound expertise in directing successful dynamic cross-platform teams and departments for global projects.

  • John Harmon
    John Harmon Senior Analyst - New York

    John Harmon is a technology and equity analyst with more than 20 years’ experience across the US, Europe and Asia. John is Head of the US team and focuses on the IoT, payments, wearables, drones, sensors, beacons and data analytics. He received a BS and an MS in Engineering from Stanford University.

  • John Mercer
    John Mercer Head of Europe

    John Mercer is Head of the London team and covers grocery and nongrocery retailing, including apparel, department stores, discount and e-commerce across the UK, the US and Europe. Prior to joining FGRT, John was a retail analyst at Mintel. He has a PhD in political marketing.

  • Albert Chan
    Albert Chan Head Of Hong Kong Office

    Albert Chan is Head of our Hong Kong office. His background includes branding, marketing and communications with corporates such as DFS, the Hyatt Group, the Li & Fung Group and the HKTDC. Albert holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong.

  • Swarooprani Muralidhar
    Swarooprani Muralidhar Head Of India Office

    Swarooprani Muralidhar is Head of the India team and covers global retail, emerging and health technologies as well as the Indian retail and startup space. Swarooprani holds an MSc in Finance and Management from Cranfield University.